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weBloc Protocol


In the digital world, advertisements are exposed to users through various kinds of media including platforms and services. Those users

OATH Protocol


OATH is a blockchain-based alternative dispute resolution protocol. It is an infrastructure layer between chains and dApps. By using a

We scan blockchain based projects raising funds in crypto, evaluate token sales as potential long term investment and provide ICO promotion services. Want to reach 187,000+ crypto investors?

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New ICO & STO Blockchain Projects

  • OATH Protocol

    OATH Protocol OATH is building a decentralized, standard, and extensible public chain-agnostic protocol that protects dApp usersโ€™ rights and assets.
    • Upcoming
  • weBloc Protocol

    weBloc Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol
    • Active
  • Universal Protocol

    Universal Protocol UPT is a transformational development for the entire blockchain industry allowing all cryptocurrencies to be convertible on a single network.
    • Upcoming
  • TOP Network

    TOP Network TOP Network is a high-performance blockchain with a powerful array of service-level infrastructures, including the worldโ€™s first decentralized cloud communication services. TOP aims to build a business-friendly blockchain platform that handles real-word business of any type, size or volume on the blockchain.
    • Upcoming
  • X-Block

    X-Block The First Global Blockchain 4.0 Based on Fog Computing Creating a Light Blockchain Era Accessible to Everyone
    • Upcoming
  • Lition

    Lition Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition's live P2P trading use case, and co-innovated with SAP.
    • Upcoming
  • CasperLabs

    CasperLabs Learn more about what we're building and become a contributor to the fully decentralized, sharded and scalable next-generation blockchain, implementing CBC Casper proof-of-stake protocol.
    • Upcoming
  • Resistance

    Resistance Resistance is an anonymous decentralized exchange, ResDEX, driven and supported by the Resistance privacy-oriented blockchain, which uses the RES privacy coin as an intermediary to facilitate private trading.
    • Upcoming
  • Vanta Network

    Vanta Network Decentralized Network for Real-time
    • Active
  • Veil

    Veil Financial markets on everything, by everyone. A derivatives platform built on open protocols.
    • Upcoming
  • Securitize

    Securitize Securitize is a compliance platform and protocol for issuing and managing digital securities on the blockchain
    • Upcoming
  • BitTorrent (BTT)

    BitTorrent The world's largest blockchain-based application, powered by the people.
    • Closed

    STAYGE A Blockchain Platform for the Entertainment Industry
    • Active
  • ZenSports

    ZenSports Peer-to-Peer Sports Betting using Cryptocurrencies & Smart Contracts
    • Active
  • LogisticsX

    LogisticsX Transforming the Last-mile Logistics with Blockchain Technology
    • Active
  • STIPS|FinTech

    STIPS|FinTech Decentralized crypto-finance ecosystem for smart investing and asset management based on EOS, powered by IBM.
    • Active
  • BHex

    BHex The Decentralised Custody & Clearing Service Platform based on Blockchain Technology
    • Upcoming
  • ARPA

    ARPA ARPA is a blockchain based privacy computation network, which enables data to be shared and used without disclosing the raw data to anyone during data-at-use
    • Upcoming
  • PrefLogic

    PrefLogic Our platform gives ANYONE the ability to Tokenize ANYTHING with future profit potential or value.
    • Upcoming
  • Beam

    Beam Scalable confidential cryptocurrency. Mimblewimble implementation
    • Closed
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