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Bitpanda (BEST)


The financial crisis turned the world upside down. It shattered trust in legacy institutions and shaped a whole generation of

We scan blockchain based projects raising funds in crypto, evaluate token sales as potential long term investment and provide ICO promotion services. Want to reach 187,000+ crypto investors?

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New ICO & STO Blockchain Projects

  • Bitpanda (BEST)

    Bitpanda Invest in Bitcoin, gold and over 20 other digital assets on your phone or desktop.
    • Upcoming
  • Ultra

    Ultra Ultra is a protocol and platform positioned to disrupt the $140bn USD gaming industry using blockchain technology to allow anyone to build and operate their own game distribution platform or virtual goods trading service.
    • Upcoming
  • Libra (Facebook Coin)

    Facebook Libraโ€™s mission is to enable a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people.
    • Closed
  • Edgeware

    Edgeware Hero of the on-chain. The anti-tribal, WASM smart-contract platform.
    • Active
  • Musiclife

    Musiclife MusicLife is a blockchain-based music ecosystem
    • Upcoming
  • Wirex

    Wirex The Wirex token (WXT) is Wirex next step on the road to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. A Stellar-based utility token, WXT was created with the token economy in mind.
    • Upcoming
  • Mycro

    Mycro First global decentralized platform for simple jobs
    • Active
  • Membrana

    • Active
  • Vodi X

    Vodi X Vodi is a financial services app that offer products such as prepaid mobile recharge, eGift Cards, and alongside with powerful communication tools.
    • Upcoming
  • Workchain

    Workchain The Blockchain Solution for the Future of Payroll
    • Upcoming
  • Connectome

    Connectome To create a world where humans can trust AI
    • Active
  • GoWithMi

    GoWithMi GoWithMi aims to create a distributed map network for everyone's benefits and supports multi-chain. For the existing location-based service infrastructure represented by Google, there are disadvantages such as central terminal monopoly, slow update, poor privacy protection, and no profit sharing.
    • Upcoming
  • Cryptobirds

    Crypto Birds ICO and Cryptocurrencies analysis, discussion, reviews and the crypto Podcast
    • Upcoming
  • Moviebloc

    MovieBloc Decentralized movie & content distribution platform based on KMPlayer.
    • Upcoming
  • CryptoBuyer

    CryptoBuyer A Fully Working Crypto Ecosystem
    • Upcoming
  • Staking

    Staking STAKING is committed to creating a secure, efficient and transparent decentralized asset management platform that allows investors to safely stake their assets
    • Active
  • Ludos Protocol

    Ludos Protocol Ludos protocol is a decentralized gaming ecosystem
    • Upcoming
  • Force Protocol

    The Force Protocol The Force Protocol is an open source blockchain platform, provide cryptofinance solutions to developers.
    • Upcoming
  • Aivia

    Aivia Easy way to buy and sell digital assets
    • Closed
  • Atlas Network

    Atlas Network Atlas is a universal blockchain platform for the travel industry. It aims to connect businesses and consumers to a distributed smart network for user data, content and transactions.
    • Upcoming
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