Icotokn is a trusted ICO & STO listing platform for discovering new projects raising funds in crypto.

We scan blockchain based projects, evaluate crowdsales as potential investment, and provide ICO promotion services.

The listings are curated meaning our team selects manually the most interesting ICO and perform an analysis to determine the quality of the project and its potential from a long term investment perspective. However, you can still submit your project for us to review and list on Icotokn.

Icotokn have become one of the most popular ICO databases with a growing audience with mostly investors from USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

What is ICO?
Initial Coin Offerings or Token Sales are a type of fundraising where in exchange for money (Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat money) investors receive tokens (digital assets) which allow them participate somehow in the invested project economy. After the ICO, tokens are listed in exchanges when they can be traded in a similar way to stock markets but in a decentralized form.

How to submit a new ICO?
We search and collect data from new ICOs daily. You can send us information about your ICO to list your token on Icotokn.

What are the most common risk factors with token sales?
The purchase of tokens are considered investments with a very high risk. Please, carefully read the disclaimer and risk warnings.

How can I receive alerts?
You can suscribe to the weekly newsletter by email or activate the Web Push Notifications on your browser (blue button down right side).
Also, keep up-to-date with all the latest activity (token sales and jobs) on social media: follow us on Twitter or join the Telegram channel.

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