Welcome to this curated list of ICO Token Sales and other blockchain crowdfunding campaigns for crypto investors. Get involved in blockchain based startups that will define the next era of innovation participating in token generation events, which are the process for innovative organizations to raise funds through selling a new cryptocurrency or digital asset. Icotokn is the trusted ICO Discovery Platform that maintains the ultimate calendar of all active, pre-sale and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings, token sales and crowdsales for descentralized projects. You will find an abstract for every project, their whitepaper, social network links, Icotokn rating and the official website to find out more information or buy tokens. Never miss a great ICO again!

  • Review Network

    Review Network Review-Network is a blockchain startup that directly connects companies and consumers, providing top-tier market research and rewarding users for their reviews.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • TxHash Network

    TxHash Network Simplest way to track payments and smart contract events. Monitor and keep track of any address. Notify your services and APIs with a few clicks.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Blockchain.io

    Blockchain.io Your Gateway to the Internet of Value - The European cryptocurrency exchange of trust
    • Upcoming ICO
  • weBloc Protocol

    weBloc Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Mobu

    Mobu MOBU is a decentralised organised ICO platform for launching security tokens. Mobu is a competitive pricing ecosystem that implements an unique MOB20 protocol.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Elixxir

    Elixxir The decentralized dream, realized. Speed privacy and security on a global scale.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Cloudbric

    Cloudbric Making the rapidly growing blockchain industry a safer place by making information security open and accessible to all users. The Universal Security Platform is an all-inclusive suite of ready-made cybersecurity solutions that utilizes AI and deep learning.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Eloncity

    Eloncity Power the world virtually for free.
    • Upcoming ICO

    ICOVO The World’s First ICO Platform Implementing DAICO
    • Upcoming ICO
  • MetaHash

    MetaHash #MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services in real-time
    • ICO Closed
  • Becent

    Becent Digital currency exchange platform with the highest concurrency, the best scalability, the strongest stability, and the most attention to security
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Send Protocol

    Send Protocol Send (SDT) is the first semi-stable digital money for the blockchain-powered economy.
    • Upcoming ICO

    GLASS Global Liquidity and Settlement System (GLASS) is a decentralized network of crypto trading platforms to pool liquidity and enable compliant, cross-border digital securities transactions.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • SOAR

    SOAR The Soar platform is a decentralised global marketplace for the distribution & monetisation of drone content
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Logos Network

    Logos Network The Logos Network is a next-generation crypto network that provides hyper-scalable transaction infrastructure, from micro-transactions to large scale B2B transfers
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Points

    Points Next generation blockchain-based data collaboration protocol for better credit scoring and inclusive finance.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Chainspace

    Chainspace Next generation state sharded, scalable, parallelizable smart contract blockchain platform.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Trias

    Trias Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems
    • Upcoming ICO
  • everiToken

    everiToken World’s first token-customized public chain for token economy and for everyone.
    • Upcoming ICO
  • Dirt Protocol

    Dirt Protocol A protocol for decentralized information curation. Our mission is to organize the world’s information and to make it freely accessible.
    • Upcoming ICO
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