We at ARPA are a multi-national team focused on secure multiparty computation and its blockchain solution for a general purpose privacy-preserving computation network. While it is a challenging work on the cryptography side, we aim to improve blockchain in the following aspects:

  • Secure Computation Computation is carried out securely so that no participating nodes should learn anything more than its prescribed output.
  • Verifiable Computation The computation can be audited publicly, and its correctness can be proved. Therefore, it is possible to outsource the computation from the blockchain network.
  • Layer2 Solution Combining secure and verifiable computation, the heavy-lifting work of computation is done off-chain, essentially making our secure computation protocol adaptable to any existing blockchain network.
  • Scalability ARPA is designed as a layer2 solution. The on-chain network will never reach its computation (gas) limit. Therefore, we can improve the computation scalability and TPS(transaction per second) of any network. The computation capacity is increased linearly to participating nodes.
  • Efficiency State-of-the-art implementation of MPC protocol is used to speed-up the secure computation.
  • Availability World’s first general purpose MPC network for secure computation. With high availability and low cost, we promote data security and privacy practice that is difficult to achieve otherwise.

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