The e-commerce market is growing with the introduction of new technology spiced with new thinking. Coupit is introduced to enable this growth. In Coupit, we have realized that the blockchain technology can be highly beneficial to the operation of e-commerce. This is why we have created a blockchain driven e-commerce platform, which allows business and individuals to market their products and services, as well as earn incentives through a number of well-structured programs.

Coupit is a decentralized incentive platform that utilizes the NEO blockchain, thereby reducing third party interaction while providing a transparent operational system. Coupit marketplace UI (User-Interface) and UE (UserExperience) are designed in a way that gives significant accessibility and incentives to both the businesses and users registered under the Coupit platform.

The platform uses special API’s to enable speed and efficiency in all interactions and transactions made on the platform. Traditional payment methods (e.g., Visa/Master Card) will be an option, with top cryptocurrencies also added in due course. Certain programs, such as the affiliate program and loyalty program, rely on smart contract technology in order to be utilized. In cases where non-smart contract payments are used, those benefits may not be accessible. Businesses and users using the Coupit token will realize substantial ease of use and rewards for holding tokens on the system.

We are passionate about making business exposure and loyalty programs easy for everyone. It is our mission to translate what may appear very complex to the masses into something simple to use and understand. We believe that in commerce, both businesses and individuals can be introduced to cryptocurrency in a way that stimulates their interest if there are rewards to incentivize them. If properly introduced, they will be motivated to start using cryptocurrency in their everyday lives.

Traditional retail commerce can be stressful for retailers providing discounts and incentives, as well as for shoppers who are rewarded for patronizing a specific store or engaging in a specific pattern of transactions with a particular business. We want to eliminate these stressors by extending the application of rewards to the cryptocurrency platform. With Coupit, we are creating a simple and exceptional strategy that will reform the way in which people generally use cryptocurrency in commerce.

Our vision transcends the traditional cryptocurrency experience, as we plan to revolutionize the e-commerce market with a blockchain-driven incentivized platform. We intend to take the essence of cryptocurrency and present it globally in a way that is uncommon and engaging.

Coupit is an innovative, revolutionary blockchain-driven project that is exceptionally feasible and sustainable, as well as imperative for the reformation of the e-commerce ecosystem.

Coupit will allow customers to exchange their rewards with each other so everyone gets something they can use and nothing goes to waste. It’s common knowledge in the retail industry that a large percentage of gift cards will never be used. Retailers are stuck carrying these liabilities on their book, and landfills are saturated with pieces of plastic. Due to the inability to use rewards universally, many people are stuck with rewards they can’t redeem. Coupit tracks multiple rewards, all in one place, and those rewards can be traded with other users.

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