Friendz is a fast-growing company whose main goal is to connect brands to their target audience, taking advantage of the most powerful marketing tool ever, “word of mouth”. Friendz is proud to have introduced a new way of advertising through digital marketing, based on communication among peers.

Friendz is a successful product that is providing services through the support of a community of over 200.000 users, continuously engaged in the activities of running the app. The community is always ready and willing to participate in the campaigns organised by Friendz, in exchange for rewards in the form of Friendz Coins. The coins are issued in order to motivate and appreciate the users for their participation in content creation and validation.

Friendz is planning to integrate its platform with blockchain, thus rendering the picture validation and reward distribution processes automatic. This will be useful in further developing our business through the blockchain technology. On the one hand, trust between the users and the companies will be enhanced with a parallel increase of the products and services offered. On the other hand, our community will become larger and multi-national.

Friendz has been actively present in the market since 2016. During this period, we have offered services to more than 200 multinational brands. Our team is composed of 35 people, with different backgrounds and skills, operating in our three offices based in, Milan, Rome and Madrid. Friendz app boasts over 200,000 organic users who have published well over 3.000.000 pictures in the last two years.

As proof of its success, Friendz received €500.000 worth of financing, enabling it to reach the break-even point in only 18 months from the day of commencement of business. At the end of 2017, revenues hit a record €1,200,000. An increase of 310% compared to 2016. In fact, we expect to close the financial year profitably.

Friendz Coins will become the favourite currency used by brands to connect with their target audience all over the world. Friendz will develop a global ecosystem where companies can freely and directly interact with an active community that creates and validates contents published on their social media profiles. Our service will be used by every kind of business in urgent need of creative Companies will have the tools to engage directly with a highly interactive community of users that will create contents and perform other marketing activities on demand, following the guidelines provided. In addition, thanks to the blockchain mechanism, all the contents created, will be checked by the community itself through a decentralized validation system that will guarantee top quality results and secure transactions.

For the very first time, Friendz will enable companies directly, to call users to action, asking them to create contents or perform other promotional activities depending on their needs at any particular point in time. Given the success our model has enjoyed off-chain for the last two years, we now look forward to decentralising the Friendz platform in order to offer B2C and B2B services to companies.

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