VANTA is looking to build an intelligent network for real-time networking, which enables individuals and companies to quickly develop services that can efficiently transmit and process real-time data, as well as commercialize the services at low cost without additional infrastructure. As a result, creative services will be provided and integrated within the VANTA ecosystem, and VANTA blockchain will be a practical blockchain that will greatly contribute to improving the daily lives of individuals and operations of enterprise businesses.

Real-time networking technology covers a wide range of areas. The technology can be used for messaging / file transfer / voice & video call development, large-scale real-time video streaming, and transmitting & processing various real-time data collected from IoT sensors. Besides addressing these problems through the VANTA blockchain, VANTA will provide and expand enterprise-level telecommunications network solutions to businesses and enterprise customers.

Using blockchain and cryptoeconomics designed for real-time networking, VANTA creates a system in which nodes participating in the network contribute to real-time data transmission and processing without relying on traditional centralized systems and networks. This system results in a low cost, functional blockchain based network. Anyone, regardless of existing platforms, can participate and use the network by using an API, an SDK, or modules to integrate with existing applications or platforms in use. VANTA, therefore, can easily expand the ecosystem through modules that integrate applications and platforms that require real-time networking.

The need for this network arises from the fundamental reason that the amount of real-time data exchanged between people and devices is increasing exponentially. In addition to the number of devices connected to the Internet, the amount of data that individuals produce and consume in real-time is exploding. The need to transfer and process more data quickly is growing rapidly. High-definition broadcast streaming, high-definition group video call, low latency data processing for VR & AR are some examples. In addition, sectors such as education, entertainment, individual medical & life support systems, traffic information systems, and factory operation systems leverage real-time data transmission and processing from various IoT sensors, which generate hundreds of thousands data points per second.

VANTA is a blockchain specializing in real-time networking. It is a platform blockchain that can solve problems that general-purpose blockchains could not solve, and develop various services requiring real-time networking. Ethereum or EOS can be classified as platform blockchains while Storj or Golem can be classified as specific-purpose blockchains. Among these blockchains, VANTA is the intelligent network platform that can be classified as both platform blockchain and specific-purpose blockchain. VANTA can be positioned vertically as follows.

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  • Ticker: VNT
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: 1 VNT = 0.0009 USD
  • Fundraising Goal: 15,000,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 56,200,000,000
  • Available for Token Sale: 35%