In the digital world, advertisements are exposed to users through various kinds of media including platforms and services. Those users participated in the advertisements are the ones who decide how much value media can have.

Advertisers keep spending money on attracting more users while media make efforts to secure as many users as possible, investing in services and hosting various events. As stipulated, the advertising ecosystem in the digital world consists of advertisers, media, and users.

Media have been leading the ecosystem connecting advertisers and users, making advertisers pay more to take a better advertising spot on the media. In the meantime, media can reinvest in their services to increase users’ satisfaction level with the profits. However, the increased economic value of media does not lead to an increase in the economic value users can have via their contribution. On the contrary, users take the burden of increased advertising costs generated by the additional expenses advertisers paid.

We firmly believe that if such an advertising ecosystem is decentralized based on blockchain technologies, advertisers can put their advertisements on media at reasonable prices while the value of users’ contribution can be recognized in a fair and transparent manner, directly giving the economic value back to users.

weBloc will take the initiative of shifting the conventional advertising ecosystem toward the Token Protocol connecting advertising platforms to all parties to build a digital advertising ecosystem based on blockchain.

weBloc suggests a Digital Advertising Alliance shifting from the media-focused advertising market to an incentivized advertising market where a blockchain-based token economy can be applied.

We firmly believe that if the advertising ecosystem can be decentralized on the blockchain, advertisers can execute their advertisements at reasonable prices while users can get direct economic values as rewards by evaluating their contribution to values generated in a fair and transparent manner.

To achieve this goal, weBloc has made a technical MOU with iCON, providing the advertising platform to Dapps on the iCON Main Net. We will create a new blockchain based advertising ecosystem through the weBloc Protocol.

The economic value created by users’ contribution belongs to the profit of media. It is true that media make efforts to increase users’ satisfaction level by enhancing the quality of services continuously. Basically, however, the value users generated is not economically evaluated and does not return to users in the form of direct economic rewards.

The question whether all users’ contribution value is equal can be interpreted into a question whether all advertisers’ advertising fees are same. Certain keywords of search advertising required high prices per click in a certain period of time to execute the advertisements. In case of display advertising, advertisers need to pay higher prices to expose their advertisements targeting certain groups of users. However, such users generating higher added values do not get recognized as more valuable users and rewarded.

If it is possible to clearly define users and expose advertisements to those users, advertisers do not need to spend too much on advertising and can provide the extra advertising costs to their users as rewards. In the meantime, users can get fair rewards from the economic value generated by their participation in advertising through the blockchain token ecosystem. In order to shift the conventional advertising ecosystem to a blockchain-based one, various advertising platforms are required to exist in the market and those advertising platforms are connected with each other on a blockchain-based protocol to expand.

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