X-Infinity Limited is a innovative FinTech company that develops a secure Cryptocurrency Wallet, where you can keep all your Cryptocurrency Assets together. The Wallet is linked to a personalized Debit Card, which you can spend at any intentional retailers that accepts debit cards and also allows for International ATM cash withdrawals. X-infinity’s main goal is to provide a solution where ALL your Cryptocurrencies are Collected in ONE wallet but Spendable EVERYWHERE. This state-of-the-art technology allows Blockchain Assets not only to be available to industry insiders, but rather something that can be used by ANYONE in the “real” world. Unlike other ICOs, X-infinity product is ready to be launched by Q3 2018.

Case Study 1 – Purchase with XIF Debit Card
Catherine, a crypto-currencies investor have been actively participating in various Initial Coin Offering (ICOs), she has trouble converting her crypto-currencies into fiat for spending. Thankfully, she has a XIF wallet which she could transfer her crypto-currencies, which is linked into her XIF Debit Card. Catherine immediately booked into her favorite luxury getaway in Bali. The funds were instantly available for her to use on her XIF Debit Card.

Case Study 2 – BTC-funded Purchase with XIF Debit Card
Jimmy is new to all things crypto but wants to buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) immediately using fiat for a Crypto workshop in Germany. As this is a crypto workshop, the organizers only accept Stellar Lumens (XLM) as a method payment. Luckily Jimmy has a XIF wallet so he buys XIF coin using fiat, and then purchases XLM to pay and register for the course online.

Cryptocurrencies unlike normal merchant transactions don’t need to wait a couple of days for a person or a business to receive money. If transactions occur between different countries then funds may take a week through the usual banking system.

Blockchain removes delays, interchange fees and third-party approvals. Cryptocurrency transactions have quick settlement as the peer-to-peer nature of the networking structure removes the middleman.

Crypto contracts eliminate the bottlenecks that characterise traditional settlement. The settlement is immediate and can be completed for a fraction of time and expense that it would have taken a traditional transfer. However, as cryptocurrencies gain in popularity, settlement times have been increasing.

For instance, Bitcoin was noted for its rapid transaction time. Now, transactions can taken 20 minutes. This makes it challenging to implement for merchants. This has led to the popularity of other cryptocurrencies. However, merchants are not set-up for multiple currencies.

Token price, total supply and distribution

1 XIF = $0.10, 630000000 XIF and 40% is allocated for company treasurer, 30% is allocated for coin sale and the remaining 30% is for the team, founders, partners & advisors.

10% bonus for angel round and 5% bonus for pre-ICO round

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