Icotokn has become one of the most popular ICO discovery platforms. We scans blockchain based projects, evaluates them as potential investment and lists their ICO event or crowdsale in our database. Listing is free. However, the demand for listing has increased significantly and currently it might take several days for your ICO to be published. Our audience is mostly investors from USA, UK, Australia, Russia, South Korea, China and Japan.

We can help you to promote your project and reach the target audience in the long journey to a successful crowdsale.

Advertising: Premium listing (1.5 ETH for 30 days)

Pinned on the top of the ICO list and featured ICO card on the homepage.
The best solution to maximize exposure and attract more investors.

Advertising: Top Banner (1 ETH for 15 days)

Pinned message with direct link to your website on the top of all pages.
We will customize the banner with unique design, color and text.

Advertising: Extra push notifications (0.2 ETH per push)

Icotokn sends a multi-platform push notification to all subscribers when a new ICO token sale gets listed on the platform. If you are seeking to drive potencial participants to the project website, we can send more notifications during the crowdsale.

Express listing (Fee: 0.5 ETH)

If you have submitted your token details and haven’t been listed after 10 days, or your crowdsale ends soon, you can request an express listing. If your project matches our quality standards, we will list your ICO within the next 24 hours after receiving the payment.

Manual verification process

To guarantee that Icotokn list only high quality projects, we check the following facts before listing:

  • Website project is complete with clear information
  • Token sale dates and price are announced
  • The whitepaper is available to download
  • Team profiles are verifiable on LinkedIn

Icotokn reserves the right to refuse or cancel your submission for review.

How to list your token

Please provide us all the required information listed below.


  • Project/Token name and ticker symbol
  • Project website link
  • Used blockchain (Ethereum, NEO, ICON, other)
  • One line catch phrase
  • Concept description in 100-words
  • How does the project create value to the ecosystem?
  • Company name and incorporation country
  • Team member names and LinkedIn profiles
  • Token sale start date and time (UTC)
  • Token sale end date and time (UTC)
  • Total token supply and distribution
  • Token price and bonus structure
  • Whitepaper download link
  • Social Network links (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Optional information:

  • Medium/Blog link
  • Github code repository link
  • BitcoinTalk announcement link
  • Telegram channel link
  • Youtube intro video link
  • Smart contract address

Please, submit information through our easy conversational online form:

Submit Your Token

If your token is already listed and you are interested in the Icotokn advertising program, please go to the contact page.