Icotokn has become one of the most popular ICO discovery platforms with daily updates for crypto enthusiasts. We scan blockchain based projects, evaluate them as potential investment and list their ICO event or Token Sale in our database. In addition, we promote the best projects with ICO Marketing and advertising helping new blockchain startups reach the right targeted audience in the long journey to a successful crowdsale. Icotokn has 97.600 monthly active users (GA June 2018) with a global audience but mostly investors from UK, Australia, USA, Russia, South Korea, and Japan.

ICO Listing

The current token sale listing request fee is 1.20 ETH per project.

Your project will be reviewed by blockchain independent consultants and listed within 48 hours.

Advertising: Premium Listing

  • Featured ICO Card on Icotokn homepage.
  • Project pinned on the top of the ICO list.

Advertising: Top Banner

  • Pinned message with direct link to your website on the top of all pages.
  • We will customize the banner with unique design: color, text, and link.
  • We only promote 1 project at a time with this format. Available now.

Purchasing advertising has many advantages

It will grant you the possibility to post job openings on our job board for blockchain opportunities for free in the next 12 months. We want to help you, not only raising funds during your token generation event, but also to succeed in the long term by hiring the best talent out there. Furthermore, Icotokn has established partnerships with some of the most active crypto funds and investors in Europe, US and Australia. If your project scores the maximum Icotokn Rating or you purchase advertising, we will promote your ICO within our private network.

Manual verification process

Icotokn lists only serious projects, therefore we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any listing if it does not meet our quality standards. In this case, we will send your payment back to your Ethereum address. You can read more about this in our Rating System. We mainly review the following facts:

  • The website project is complete with detailed information
  • Token sale dates, price and bonus are publicly announced
  • The whitepaper is available to download in English
  • Token has real utility and metrics make sense
  • Team profiles are verifiable on LinkedIn

How to list your token

Please, provide all the required information that is detailed below.
Incomplete applications might not be considered.

  • Project/Token name and ticker symbol
  • Project website link
  • Used blockchain (Ethereum, NEO, ICON, other)
  • One line catch phrase
  • Concept description in 100-words
  • How does the project create value to the ecosystem?
  • Company name and incorporation country
  • Team member names and LinkedIn profiles
  • Token sale start date and time (UTC)
  • Token sale end date and time (UTC)
  • Total token supply and distribution
  • Token price and bonus structure
  • Whitepaper download link
  • Social Network links (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Optional information:

  • Medium/Blog link
  • Github code repository link
  • BitcoinTalk announcement link
  • Telegram channel link
  • Youtube intro video link
  • Smart contract address

Submit the information through our easy conversational online form.

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